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From Knowledge to Action

ZEIT WISSEN, together with the Education Initiative »Mut zur Nachhaltigkeit« and entrepreneuer Dr. August Oetker call attention to the pioneers enriching our society with their ideas of sustainability.

The ZEIT WISSEN-Prize Mut zur Nachhaltigkeit has been awarded by the Education Initiative »Mut zur Nachhaltigkeit«, ZEIT WISSEN Magazine as well as the entrepreneur Dr. August Oetker, since 2013. The prize is awarded to outstanding characters, initiatives and companies, contributing on the field of sustainable development. The process of nomination is accompanied by a jury, composed of recognized experts and prominent representatives of science, economy, society and media.

The laureates exemplary show how the gap, existing between knowledge and action, in the debate on environmental and social future, can be filled. The Prize and the award winning projects may set the tone for further Sustainability Initiatives in the field of science and economy. The prize is awarded in the categories KNOWLEDGE, ACTION and TAKE OFF.